1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Installing the New Mahogany V-berth Bulkhead Panel

With the origami spray booth done, I finally got the V-berth bulkhead mahogany panel sprayed with ICA base coat clear. Next I installed the panel using epoxy, wood flour, and a lot of clamps.

Ready for epoxy

The bulkhead and mahogany panel wetted out with epoxy

I made sure to wet out the edge of the new mahogany panel with epoxy so it will be fully sealed. I don’t expect any water to ever find its way in here, but sealing the edges ensures that the panel will be stable for pretty much ever.

The bulkhead is slathered with wood flour-thickened epoxy

Next, I put the panel in place and secured it with screws around the perimeter and clamps everywhere else.

Good squeeze-out at the top

Good squeeze-out at the cabinet openings

Good squeeze-out at the perimeter

Thick mahogany lumber spreads the clamp loads

After wiping the panel with alcohol to remove any epoxy that dripped, that was a wrap for the day. I came back the next day to remove the clamps and clean up the epoxy that squeezed out at the cabinet openings.


That looks a lot better than what was there originally.


Hardened epoxy needs to be cleaned up

One lap with a router cleans up the edge

With the bulkhead mahogany panel in place, now I can get to work fitting and installing the side panels in the V-berth. Those have to be done before I can put the portholes in, which is part of the rain-proofing process I need to finish before I can take the tent down.

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Preparing to fit the V-berth Mahogany Panels


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