For Sale: Refit Parts, Tools, Supplies & Leftovers

Feel free to make an offer in the comments section if you’re interested in something that hasn’t sold yet.

Flag pole holder–New Chrome!

New Buck Algonquin 1-1/2″ shaft coupling


Jabsco 3/4″ bilge strainer 29290-1020


Banjo Polypropylene Ball Valve VL1001


Ham-Lok 90° hydraulic fittings, 316 stainless, for 5/16″ tubing (like Swagelok)

Whitecap Blue Water Series Push-Up Waste Deck Fill

Windshield screws–#8 32tpi 1/4″ undercut machine screws, bag of 90


Chris Craft wooden cruiser safety rail stanchions

Teleflex/Morse Cable Adapter Kits 302123

Miller Trailblazer 280NT gasoline-powered welding power supply and 8kw generator

  • Spoolmatic 30a w/40 new 0.035 tips and gas diffusers + one 1# spool of 4043 and two spooles of 5356 wire
  • Miller WC-115 weld controller and argon regulator
  • 80CF argon tank

Tent Model X — big enough to work as a spray booth for boats with 46′ LOA x 15′ beam. Includes the scaffolding for a walkway at the waterline and at the deck level,  overhead 1.5″ PVC pipe frames and fittings, four exhaust fans, stairs, exterior battens, and all hardware (deck screws). You will need to supply your own shrink wrap film for the exterior.


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