1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Cutting and Fitting a Toe Rail Vent Duct

Spring has sprung! Next thing you know, I’ll be griping about how hot it is in the tent! lol

Remaking the toe rail vent ducts to the bilge spaces is one of the items that I have to deal with before the boat can be exposed to water. I’ve been installing plywood panels on the port side of the galley and salon recently, and the next panel to be installed is one that functions as a duct.

Using sticks and hot glue to make the vent duct wall pattern

Laying out the template on 3/4″ Doug fir marine plywood

Looks pretty good

It’s a bit tight on the framing

Needs a bit more adjusting so it can rotate into position

The shot above is looking up to the underside of the deck. There’s two inches of beautiful mahogany toe rail on the other side of the deck.

That’s more like it

1″x1″ mahogany cleat will give screws something solid to bite into

1/4″ Doug fir marine ply encloses the duct

With all of the pieces cut and dry-fitted, I disassembled the duct and applied lots of epoxy to all surfaces to seal the wood. I really like US Composites 635 epoxy with 2:1 hardener because it’s a completely blush-free formula. I’ll be sealing these panels to the hull and deck using Sikaflex 291LOT, and I’d have to wash the blush off before applying the Sikaflex if I was using any other epoxy product.

The duct opening got a heavy coat of epoxy

While spring has sprung, cold nights are still slowing down the cure time on the epoxy. Once it cures, I’ll get these panels installed and get to work on the next one.

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Cutting and Fitting More Salon Plywood Panels


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