1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: The Laundry Closet Back Wall

Since my schedule isn’t synching with my painter, I decided to get some work done in the aft stateroom. Getting the washer and dryer out of the way and into their closet is something I really look forward to. So I cut, insulated, and installed the main back wall in that closet.

Laundry closet back wall

Back wall fitted

Fitting the insulation

Insulating the back-side of each panel that faces the hull with Buffalo Batt polyester nonwoven fabric adds a day per panel, but it will make the boat much more comfortable in summer and winter. I seal the backside with epoxy, then apply the Buffalo Batt.

Pressing the insulation to the panel

Mahogany cleats epoxy sealed then topped with wood flour-thickened epoxy as glue

Epoxy sealed and ready for the panel

Epoxy seals the panel edges and contact surface

Glued, screwed, and ready for the next step

I think I’m just going to use epoxy tinted white to paint the walls in the laundry closet. I’ve already got the panel cut that surrounds the porthole, but that’s one of the panels that’s awaiting the painter so we can spray ICA base coat clear then top coat.

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Recycling the Original Mahogany Toe Rails


One comment on “1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: The Laundry Closet Back Wall

  1. Kurt S says:

    Now that you’ve got “Food” for your Wood Stove for next winter– Back at it on the Roamer..

    One day I’ll make down your way– I’d love to see her..
    It’s always nice to meet talented Folks “As You Are” Too..
    I know some Guys that barely turn a Screw Driver– Very Sad..

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