1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Spraying ICA Base Coat Clear in the Salon

The salon got sanded and stained last month, and we knocked out the sanding and staining of trim pieces, doors, etc last week. Next we took advantage of a warm afternoon and got three coats of ICA base coat clear sprayed on the trim and 6 coats on all of the salon panels.

Lotsa ICA base and top coat clear

Lotsa ICA base and top coat clear

The upside to spraying the varnish is that you can do multiple coats all in one go. The downside to it is that the money you save in labor sanding between brush-applied varnish goes out the exhaust fans with all of the overspray.

Ready to spray

Ready to spray

Third coat

First coat of ICA

Second coat

Second coat

Third coat and done

Third coat and done

My aft deck spray booth leaves something to be desired. It’s just too tight in there, but fortunately this is the last spraying we’ll do out back. After letting the ICA tack off, we moved the exhaust fan to the salon door and knocked out 6 coats inside.

Beautiful mahogany

Beautiful mahogany!

Always nice to see a before and after shot.

Circa 2007

Note the gold veined mirror above the steps to the aft stateroom, which covers the mahogany panel in the pictures from 2015 below.

Stripped to beautiful bare mahogany

What look like stains on the left side are just shadows

After snapping off some pictures, we got out of the tent to let the ICA cure. We’ll come back in a couple of days, sand it smooth with 320, then hit it again with two more coats of base coat clear.

Next up on our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer Refit: Wrapping up the Base Coat Varnish in the Salon


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