1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Installing the Transom Steps

The transom steps are anodized cast aluminum, but the anodizing started to go off and, as I understand it, re-anodizing never turns out as nice as the first time around. So, I opted to blast them, prime with Awlgrip Max Cor CF, then hot coat with 545 and Awlgrip Matterhorn White leftover from when we painted the nonskid. Having gotten the aluminum portholes,  hatch, and transom steps back from the paint shop, and with the hatch reassembled, next I installed the transom steps.

Transom steps in the upper right corner when goodies came back after painting

As always, I ran a tap down the 1/4″-20 holes in the transom to clear the paint residue, then coated the hole and the new stainless bolts with Tefgel. Next, I loosely installed the steps so I could tape off the surrounding paint. Then I ran a bead of Sikaflex 291 LOT on the step base and reinstalled.

Loosely installed and taped off

Good squeeze-out all around

Three down, one to go

Et Voila!

Et Voila!

This job really highlighted how deceptive some work can be. I had four steps to install, with a dozen or so bolts holding them in place. Sounds like a 20 minute job, right? But with the tapping, dry fit, taping, gooping, and clean up, it took a few hours. Ah well, that’s one more job done and a bunch of holes on the exterior that have been plugged.

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Gantry Time


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