Car T-bones Boat On the Frozen Potomac!

I went down to the yacht club today after work and found police tape across the seawall and cop cars all over. Imagine my surprise when I saw what all the hubbub was:

New Lexus on the Regatta dock

New Lexus on the Regatta dock

There’s two inches of ice on the Potomac because of the recent cold snap. The Lexus was going fast enough to jump the gap between the seawall and the Regatta dock. It crushed one of the racks full of Lazers and centerpunched the boat in the first slip right at the gunwale. If the car had been 10 feet to the right, he would have hit the fairway and gone through the ice.

The front of the Lexus is suspended by the forward spring lines

The owner of the boat had the lines doubled up because of the huge north winds that were raging through as part of the polar vortex event. And check out the height of the seawall, where the car went through the railing. The police put temporary railing in place.

Note the concrete bollards the Lexus missed when he sailed off the seawall

Upper safety rail at the street level is gone, too.

In the pic above, note the big concrete structures the Lexus missed  when he shot off the street level on his way down to the seawall promenade.

Up at the street level

Keeping in mind where the car ended up, the shot above is pretty amazing. The driver of the Lexus is apparently diabetic and had a seizure from low blood sugar. He came out of the 9th St. tunnel in southwest Washington, DC, blasted through two traffic controlled intersections, then drove through the area in the pic above. He somehow missed the giant red Navy anchors that are welded together as memorials on either side of the plaza, trees, and benches, planters and large garbage cans that are all made of concrete. The dude missed ’em all on the way to T-boning the boat!

Oh, and the driver is being treated at a local hospital.

Word has it a crane is on the way to pull the car back off the dock. This should be interesting!

Yacht club heroes pulling the driver from the car

Yacht club heroes pulling the driver from the car


8 comments on “Car T-bones Boat On the Frozen Potomac!

  1. Eric Vardek says:

    Chrysanthemum Club member to be sure, but I digress.
    – Chalmers Johnson

  2. Eric Vardek says:

    Not the first time Japan has taken aim at American ships.
    People forget – thankx for the reminder.

  3. bill5062 says:

    I really enjoy your posts on this unbelievable amazing project. Why no posts since Jan 8th? I hope all is well!

    • 1969roamer46 says:

      Hi Bill, and thanks for the encouragement! There hasn’t been much to write about recently. It’s been too cold to work in the tent for the last six weeks or so. But winter has broken, so I’m back at it.

  4. Bill says:

    The last post you posted was on Jan 8th. Why no more posts? I have really enjoyed this “saga.” I hope all is well with you.

  5. Rob Cutchins says:

    Noticed in your original pictures a hailing port of Norfolk, VA. That’s where I’m located with my ’68 Commander. The refit and refurb job you’re doing is nothing short of astounding. You are quite the master! Enjoyed your website.

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