1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Exhaust IV

Back in September 2012, I started working on the exhaust system. We’re going with side exhaust at the engine room rather than using the interior space consuming, 15-foot long run of corrosion-prone aluminum pipe that exits out the transom  in the original configuration. Waterlift mufflers should also make for a very quiet ride compared to the originals. By early October, the remaining components for the exhaust system were done and ready for the paint shop. The next step was to decommission the old system. The last thing to do before assembling the exhaust was to get the bits and pieces to the paint shop.

Exhaust bits on the way to the paint shop

Exhaust bits on the way to the paint shop

There were bits of fiberglass sticking out from the mufflers, and they’re razor sharp. The paint Centek uses on their mufflers isn’t the greatest, either, and the FRP connector pipes aren’t painted at all.

Back from the paint shop and shiny white

Back from the paint shop and shiny white

The boatamalan painter hit the parts with a DA, then a coat of Awl Grip High Build primer and some 545 primer I had left over from the hull paint job, and then topcoated over that with the Awlgrip Matterhorn white that was left over from the non-skid. Since these are just exhaust bits, he hotcoated them all (ie no sanding between coats, just wait for the recoat window and hit it with the next product).

Shiny exhaust oulets

Shiny exhaust oulets

But I have to say that the Boatamalans have a disturbing habit of filling holes with fairing compound. When I made the outlets, I drilled the holes very precisely so the orientation would be right when I reinstalled them. I also prefer that all holes have a coat of paint on the inside, and that’s accomplished by drilling then painting. When I turned the pieces over to be painted, I gave explicit instructions for them not to fill the holes. I was adamant about this, especially after spending almost two days clean fairing compound out of the holes to reinstall the stainless steel rub rail.  Alas! They filled the damned holes anyway! 😦

There’s no way to drill out the fairing compound from the back on the upper half, since the exhaust pipe is in the way. So I spent about two hours locating the hole centers and very carefully redrilling. What’s a couple of hours, right? Except that I can only work on the boat on weekends, so every hour is precious…it gets frustrating sometimes.

Nice fit

Holes drilled again and a nice fit

Taping off for the boot stripe

Ready to go back to the paint shop

Ready to go back to the paint shop

I’ll pick up the finished exhaust outlets this weekend, so if I find myself frustrated again by the helm windshield installation I’ll have something to distract me and give a sense of progress.

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: The Boatyard in Winter…2014


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