1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: PAINT!

It’s been five years since our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer refit began. The project was fallow for almost half of that time while we cleared up the paperwork SNAFU, but when we were working a lot got done. Each segment of the project we finished brought us one step closer to completion, but the paint job is easily the biggest overall part of this refit. Two Sundays ago when we applied Awl Grip paint to the hardtop, a very bright light appeared at the end of the tunnel.

The day began with more Awl Quik longboarding on the cabin top.

One more day of longboarding followed by a few touch up spots and it will be ready for Awl Grip 545–the final prime coat prior to paint.

The Awl Grip High Build (the brownish stuff) shows where there used to be high spots

The dashboard is done and ready for 545.

The starboard side is looking very good.

The window tracks and salon roof center supports (now fiberglassed in place) are ready for 545.

Next, we taped everything off and got ready to spray shiny AwlCraft 2000 on the hardtop.

I’ve wanted to open that can of AwlCraft Matterhorn white for MONTHS!!

We sprayed the shiny paint all around the perimeter of the hardtop.

This is the first time in decades that this hardtop has shined!

Three coats of “the shiny” (as the Boatamalans call it) on the searchlight base, too.

We let the shiny cure for three days, then came back to it tape off for the next step: non-skid.

I used Ensign white for the non-skid on the hard top.

The shiny band is 1-1/2 inches at the front.

On the sides, I inset it 3/4″ from the break from the curved sides of the hardtop to the top surface.

At the back, the shiny extends for about 8 inches before transitioning to non-skid.

An island of “the shiny” in a sea of non-skid.

I’m all giddy! 🙂

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: The Mahogany Toe Rail


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