1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Longboarding the Cabin Top…and a surprise

The Awl Quik we applied the previous weekend looked really good when we showed up on Saturday with longboards in hand. We sanded all day Saturday and found a couple of low spots. Fortunately, we didn’t break through the Awl Quik/High Build layer, so we’ll only have to apply additional Awl Quik in spots. But then I discovered a problem that had been right in front of me since August 2008.

While preparing the aluminum aft enclosure for primer, I realized that the Southern Maryland welder/fabricator who built it for me had welded it together wrong. Son of a …..

Good looking Awl Quik on the cabin top Saturday Morning

To make the boat pretty once it’s shiny, though, we had to make the Awl Quik ugly.

I buy rattle can black paint by the case.

First, we used razor blades to apply 3M Marine Premium Filler to surface imperfections. Next, we sprayed a guide coat over the whole thing.

The blue stuff is 3M Marine Premium Filler

The cabin top is ugly…again

Longboarding Awl Quik

While the Boatamalans were longboarding, I was working  around the helm station doors when I noticed a huge problem with the aluminum portion of the starboard helm door opening: the SMIB* welder/fabricator I commissioned in 2008 to build the aft enclosure had welded one of the panels in the wrong place!

*SMIB: n. Acronym for “Southern Maryland InBred”. Refers primarily to the residents of St. Mary’s Co Maryland, who are obsessed with lite beer, pro wrestling, and NASCAR.

Next up in our 1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: De-SMIB-ifying the Helm Door Opening.


4 comments on “1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Longboarding the Cabin Top…and a surprise

  1. Wait… it took SIX YEARS for you to discover the SMIB’s mistake??? 😉

    Dam that sucks Q looking forward to your fix!

    • 1969roamer46 says:

      “the SMIB’s mistake” makes it sound like there was only one. And there was only one until I found it back in 2008 and asked him to fix it. When he fixed the one problem he created a couple more. And yea…I missed ’em, mostly because I was so frustrated after he botched the window openings I just wanted him off the freakin’ boat for good. I mean, even SMIB trailers and mobile homes have sliding doors and windows. It’s not like the concept should have been beyond his experience!

  2. Darrel says:

    Have pics of the panel welded in wrong?

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