1969 Chris Craft Roamer 46 Refit: Still More Demolition!

With the aft deck cleared of rotted wood and the aft stateroom down to the bare hull, we continued tearing out the salon, galley and V-berth.

As in pretty much everywhere else, the more we dug in, the more problems we discovered

The galley bulkhead under the windows was extensively rotted, and the rot had spread to neighboring pieces of plywood. The design was also not quite to our liking, so it all came out.

The plywood shelf below the windows didn’t look bad on Day 1, but the top veneer was the only thing holding it together

One good tug and the whole thing self-demolished into bits and pieces!

Six weeks into the project, and we had her ripped down pretty well

Where once there was a built-in settee, some practically worthless storage, a head and a shower, there now is…anything we can imagine

The plan at this point* is to move the stairs toward the port side by one stair-width or so. There will be a head (no shower) outboard of the stairs with sliding door access from the bottom of the stairs. The head sink will be just below the portlight. The fridge will be centerline at the same level as the galley, basically forward of where the stairs are now.

*subject to change without notice.

This shot from the V-berth aft shows where the stairs will be

The gaping hole into the engine room shows where the 60 gallon holding tank will go. The stairs will be moved over to cover the hole. The new head will be where the shower used to be, to the right of the soon-to-be stairs….maybe.

This brings us up to May 2008

The galley cabinetry was all out, as was most of the V-berth. We decided on a new plan for the galley, so out came half of the floor. The 150 gallon water tank (the big cylinder in the V-berth) was out to facilitate the next big step…

With the Dejunk, Dismantle and Demolish step nearing completion, we started ramping up for the next big thing: Sandblasting the hull inside and out!


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